- ETAM (Shooting)

Street style and indoor shootings for fashion brand Etam. In France and Ibiza, January and March 2016. PR and Print Use.

- COP COPINE (Shooting)

Street style shooting for fashion brand Cop Copine. In Paris, July 2015, February 2016, April 2016. Editorial and PR Use.

- TOUT A COUP (Shooting)

Lookbook shooting (20 outfits) for Hong Kong brand "Tout a coup" in april 2018 in Paris. I realized the shooting and artistic direction chosing the model, make up artist, and places to shoot. Model: Mimi Macvan. MUA: Julia Wretzky.

- CARDO (Shooting)

Shootings for Cardo swimwear brand. June 2018 in Paris : Models : Aurelia Grac and Helene Muccioli. MUA: Renata Villard & Graphic Beauty. DA : Vittoria Larue. July 2022 in Corsica: Model: Morgane Millers. MUA : Lea Fontaine. DA: Vittoria Larue and myself. September 2023 in Carnac: Model : Mailys Bonnet. DA & style: myself.

- BOURJOIS (Shooting)

Street styles and portraits of 3 bloggers (Daphne Moreau, Gaelle VP and Anna Dawson) for beauty brand Bourjois. In Paris, September 2016. Editorial Use. MUA: Julia Wretzky.

- APRIL PLEASE (Shooting)

Editorial shooting of close-ups and lifestyle pictures for APRIL PLEASE, french jewelry brand. In Paris, November 2016. Models : Aly Corteggiani and Elea.

- BATUCADA (Shooting)

Shooting for BATUCADA, french jewelry brand, in Paris, on December 2016. Model: Marie Gillot

- HOGAN (Shooting)

Street styles and portraits of 6 bloggers for shoe brand HOGAN. In Paris, October/November 2016. Editorial Use.


Street style shooting for fashion and accessory brand Papa Pique et Maman Coud. In France. February 2016. PR Use.

- AS YOU LIKE x AUDI (Reportage)

Reportage of As You Like x Audi event for french influencers in Portugal (October 2016)


Clients: Unode50, Dior Parfums, BDM, HEMA, Beology, Deedee x Bioderma, ghd, Thomas Sabo, Liu-jo, etc.


Outdoor and indoor shootings of Laury Thilleman's fashion brand "Parisienne et alors". - Collection n°2 (december 2018, in Paris. Light assistant: Daphne Launey). - Collection n°3 (february 2019 in Paris) . - Collection n°4 (april 2019, in Paris).

- LE BHV MARAIS (Shooting)

Digital campaign around the theme "Marinière et beurre salé". Outdoor shooting in Paris (January 2019). Models: Marine Dauchez & Nicolas Baisin. MUAH: Audrey Payet.


Shooting Les Tropéziennes à Paris (Octobre 2019). Modèle: Lola (Loulita). DA : Capucine Roy.

- HOTEL DU LOUVRE (Shooting)

Lifestyle Shooting for Hotel du Louvre (Paris). July 2018

- ICONIC ITEMS (Shooting)

Shootings in Paris, June & December 2020, & May 2022. Models : Meggie Samson, Isabelle Boussard, Maydilion ; Muah : Mua Cherine and Morgane Hilders ; DA Studio Monsieur Alphonse & Clemence Trouve ; Stylisme Fabrice Cole & Zelia Charpine

- ROADSIGN (Shooting B2B)

Shooting B2B for Roadsign ; model Romain Coste. In January 2021

- O CURIO (Shooting)

Shooting for O Curio in Paris (May 2022). Models : Elise Denys and Brian Nicklen . DA: Mars Branding

- 71 BIS (Shooting)

Shooting for 71 BIS in Brittany (September 2022). Model: Lea Grandin. MUA: Flying Sego. Style: Lucie Bodart.

- TEO CABANEL (Shooting)

Shootings for Teo Cabanel. In Toulon (June 2022) and Paris (October 2022). Models: Valentin Soares, Tracy Klein, Sekou Mara. MUA : Rose Belin & Elodie Jan.

- DECIDEES (Shooting)

Outdoor shooting for Decidees in Paris (May 2023); Models: Anne-Claire Bousquet; MUA: Kezya Flavius